Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition, and Stabilization

This course is designed to give students a chance to learn, practice, and demonstrate proficiency in many lifesaving skills. The focus is on those skills that are used during the first minutes of response to care for a seriously ill or injured child. Students will watch video clips of seriously ill children. Then they will participate in Instructor-led discussions and case simulations to practice the “assess-categorize-decide-act” approach. Students will assess each case using the general and primary assessments, categorize the child’s condition by type and severity, decide what needs to be done, act by participating as a team member in case simulations. BOOK SOLD SEPARATELY.

  • Course Length: 7 hours
  • Prerequisites: Be proficient in performing CPR skills. Understand the basic concepts of the “assess-categorize-decide-act” approach
  • Card Term: 2 Years

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