Our Mission:

To augment each student’s capabilities with the highest quality training. Our expert instructors utilizing the latest teaching techniques and research. We seek excellence in courteous, proficient service to each person that honors us with trust for his or her continuing education.

98% Success Rate for Certifications = The Gold Standard in Healthcare Training Courses

Our instructors are committed to low-stress training, high-quality education and individual attention to each student’s needs.HeartShare Training has been in operation for over 25 years, under the same management, and at the same location.

99% Customer Satisfaction for over 16,000 Healthcare Training Course Customers Annually

Training over 16,000 students annually, HeartShare Training is Northern California’s leading provider of emergency healthcare training & education. Healthcare professionals from local hospitals, fire departments, ambulance companies and dental offices are trained on a daily basis. Many non-medical personnel are trained, as well.

Commitment to Supporting the Local Community through Healthcare Course Training

HeartShare Training promotes community CPR awareness and life saving skills by offering free classes, open to the public.

Over 250 Years of Collective Experience

HeartShare Training’s team of board certified Doctors, Registered Nurses, Firefighters, Paramedics, and EMT’s encompass a variety of expertise in clinical and field specialties with real life experience.

Our Commitment to Integrity

HeartShare Training strictly adheres to the guidelines set forth by the American Heart Association. We are also monitored by the Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Services Agency (SCCEMSA), California Emergency Medical Services Agency (CAEMSA), California Board of Registered Nurses (CBRN), and the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT).

An American Heart Association Training Center

HeartShare Training instructs classes under the guidelines and monitoring of the American Heart Association (AHA). This is the “gold standard” of the medical training industry.

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